February 10 - March 12
Ventures Gallery


Friday, February 10
5pm - 7-pm


Exhibition Program

Mid-20th Century Women
in Art at the RAL

Ethel Canby Peets Palm Trees (n.d.) oil on board 8” x 10”



This special exhibition honors the women artists who influenced the founding of the Rehoboth Art League in the 1930s and played a significant role in shaping its mission.

Works by Ethel Pennewill Brown Leach, Mary Mullineux, Ethel Canby Peets, Margery Pyle, Eugenia Eckford Rhoads, Bertha N. Riley, Olive Rush, and Virginia Yardley are featured. All except one, signed the Doors of Fame. - A.H.B.

Ann Baker Horsey will present a gallery talk, From the Curator, on Saturday, March 11, beginning at 2pm at the Corkran Gallery.

About the Curator

Ann Baker Horsey received a BA and MA in Related Arts/Design with an emphasis in Historical Restoration from the University of Iowa. Her thesis was entitled, The Textiles of Iowa’s Old Capitol 1842 - 1857. In 1975, she worked as a cataloger for the National Trust for Historic Preservation at the Woodrow Wilson House, in Washington, D.C. She then accepted the position with the State of Delaware as Curator for the State Museum. Her first assignment was to furnish the Old State House in time for the 1976 Bicentennial. Other projects have included the interior design and furnishing plans of Buena Vista, Belmont Hall, John Dickinson Mansion and out buildings, Johnson Victrola Museum, Woodburn, and Hall House.

Ann has also served as Design Co-Chair for Hall House Designer Showcase in 1999. She started the historic clothing program from the interpreters at John Dickinson Plantation in 1986, and also currently serves as Co-Principal for the Delaware Quilt Documentation Project, started in 2004.

Ms. Horsey has curated several major exhibits for the State of Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs (HCA), with emphasis on use of broad spectrum of collections, including decorative arts, fine art, and the Delaware State Portrait Collection. She also curates exhibits and displays for affiliates and partners of the HCA.

Selected Works


Ethel P. B. Leach Corner Market and David n.d.
oil on masonite 24.5” x 29.5”

Olive Rush The Pools of Acome n.d.
lithograph on paper 10” x 8”


Ethel Canby Peets The Den n.d.
pastel on paper 10.5” x 14”

Eugenia Eckford Rhodes Phlox 1939
oil on paper 21/5” x 21.5”


Frances Oler Bowl of Lemons n.d.
oil on canvas 19.5” x 23.25"

Virginia Yardley Young Woman n.d.
oil on canvas 16” x 12.5"



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