July 18 - September 30
Peninsula Resort on
The Indian River Bay


Wednesday, July 19
5 - 6 pm

Sky Suites
Works by Annie Gudis

Anne Gudis Jupiter oil on wood 12" x 12"


Annie Guthrie Gudis has a diverse set of artistic and technical skills. She earned both a BFA in Painting (1993), as well as a Certificate Program in Digital imaging (2000), from the Corcoran College of Art + Design, in Washington D.C. She has also had a twenty-year career as a professional ballet dancer, and was an assistant pastry chef at the Reagan White House.

Sky Suite is a collection of layered oil paintings ranging in size from 2” x 3” to 40” x 40” created in 2016 through the present. Sky Suite paintings create and communicate a feeling of calm and peace. Tranquility is a theme throughout the collection. It consists of four series: Cloudscapes, Trees, Birds, and the Gargoyle Series.

The collection includes over 80 works and the paintings often contain a suggestion of location at the bottom of the canvas. The palette is predominantly shades of blue hues: cobalt, cerulean, French ultramarine and phthalo blues. I first establish the light source and flavor the clouds with yellows, pinks and violets appropriate to the time of day, season and weather. Often I begin with a light orange ground which subtly brightens blue, its compliment. It’s easy to fall in love with staring up at the sky and the tops of earthbound forms that pierce the clouds. Most of my skies are observed on the Eastern Sea Coast. The gargoyles, grotesques and stonework are inspired by those at the National Cathedral atop Mt. St Alban in Washington, DC. I also love the sky and seascapes in the
Caribbean Islands.

This exhibition is in a private community. If you are interested in attending the opening reception or viewing the exhibition at any time, please email Jay Pastore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with at least 24 hours’ notice and arrangements will be made. 

Annie Gudis Canal Sunset oil on linen 20" x 20"

Annie Gudis Cape Henlopen oil on linen 24" x 24"


Annie Gudis The End oil on linen 20" x 20"

Annie Gudis Umbrella Blues oil on linen 36" x 36"