April 7 - May 7
Corkran Gallery


Friday, April 7
5 pm 7 pm

Visions and Voices

Brook Hedge Other Visions Other Voices 2016 20" x 17"

"People envision us in different ways. We, however,
may see and hear ourselves with a different voice."

Coastal Camera Club members submited images that express their vision and voice. What does your image say? What is your message?


John Yeatman Dancing Trees 2017 16" x 24"

"Never lonely in nature; black and white."

Leslie Sinclair Soles of a Bygone Era 2015 18" x 24"

"Factories abandoned, lives abandoned, like an old pair of shoes.
Who were the people who worked here? What happened to them?"


John Hoyt Old and New 2016 24" x 20"

Old and New in the city.

Kenneth Arni Headed for a Catch 2016 24" x 18"

I first saw this Bald Eagle, sitting relaxed in a tree. All of a sudden, the Eagle's attitude changed. It stared off into the distance and quickly took off with its eye on the subject and its talon's stretched out to be ready. I was hoping for a return opportunity for another picture. But, it took off into the distance away.

Terzian Aram Who Are We Now 2017 20" x 14"

"This is a composite of photos I took and put together specifically to express my feelings about who we should be as a nation. We are a country of refugees as symbolized by the statue of liberty. The composition is a visual expression of what denying access to refugees would look like symbolically. I am asking all citizens to think about what our democracy would look like if we change our cherished ideals.


Barbara Rogers Can You Hear Me Now 2017 14" x 11"

"A series of three photos taken out of context to ask the viewer to interpret his own meaning."

Marta Nammack We Are Concerned, and We Will Resist 2017 19.8" x 20"

"Our new president's campaign rhetoric and his first actions have put fear into the vast majority of U.S. citizens. What will happen to our right to make choices? How badly will our air and water be harmed when climate change-mocking Cabinet appointees dismantle environmental protections? How can we stem the increased rate of hate crimes that have occurred in this country since the inauguration? Throngs of people showed up for the 2017 Women's March on D.C., and the faces of these participants express true concern. I share this concern. We are concerned, and we will resist."

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