April 7 - July 9, 2017


Marcia and Henry
DeWitt Gallery

Water and Boats
From the Permanent Collection

Norwood MacGilvery n.d. The Betty oil on canvas board 11.5” x 15.5”


These five works show us images of water and boats that project different scenes and moods. These artists from the collection use different techniques to make their message visible to us.

The Edward Grant and Howard Schroeder watercolors are rendered in strong horizontals and soft curves. They use cool and muted colors to make us feel the off season and late day light.

In contrast, the Hazel Camp oil painting and the Robert Doney watercolor use short active brush strokes and contrasts of cool and warm high intensity colors to create an active bright scene, full of sparkle and movement.

The Norwood MacGilvery oil painting (above) has aspects of both approaches. The water is presented with short contrasting strokes of color and light and dark values, as is the boat, “The Betty”. The artist mutes the background so that we have a sense of attention and anticipation about the boat, (waiting for us?).

Please enjoy!

Constance Costigan, curator


Howard Schroeder n.d. Untitled watercolor on paper 12” x 17.5”

Edward Grant n.d. Winter Skies watercolor on paper 18” x 28”


Hazel Camp n.d. The Cove oil on canvas 30” x 35.5”

Robert Doney n.d. The Jolly Rover Lewes, DE watercolor and ink on paper 12” x 16”