January 9 - February 11
Rehoboth Beach
Public Library


Opening January 9
5pm - 7pm


Exhibition Program


Theodora Kane 1970 St. Peter's Outdoor Show watercolor 21"x28.5"



The Rehoboth Art League’s Permanent Collection contains over 700 art items of high quality which have historical significance. There are over 200 works in the collection that were created by the Art League’s Heritage Artists, who shaped the League’s formation in the 1930s and 40s. The Rehoboth Art League is one of only a few institutions in the State of Delaware collecting works by both Heritage and Contemporary Artists.

All of the works in this collection reflect the Art League’s focus on both Delaware art and artists. Criteria used to determine whether a work is accessioned into the Permanent Collection include: Its historical significance; its relationship to the Art League; the quality of the artwork; the vitae of the artist; the recognition of the artist in the arts community, and exceptional work.

This exhibition is a collection of 20th century watercolor works that depict both local and regional landscapes and points of interest. A collection of works by Howard Schroeder, an important figure in the Art League’s history, from the Art League’s teaching collection is also on view. As a teaching institution, the Rehoboth Art League uses these works to educate students in local art history, biographies and technique.

RAL is pleased to have been asked by The Village Improvement Association (VIA) to partner with them for this exhibition, as they were the founders of the Rehoboth Beach Public Library in 1912 when it operated out of members’ homes. Through the years they funded and supported the library until it received funding from the state of Delaware. The VIA also shares a strong connection to the RAL. In the 1920’s a prominent student of Howard Pyle, Ethel Leach, the dean of Delaware women artists in the first half of the Twentieth Century, established a studio in the Pines immediately adjacent to the present Henlopen Acres. She actively promoted the arts through the VIA and a Rehoboth Beach artist colony prospered. Later, Louise Corkran became chair of the VIA’s arts committee and assisted Ethel Leach with the Annual Summer Art Exhibitions.

Howard Schroeder 1989 Untitled watercolor 19"x16"


Barbara French n.d. RAL Carriage Sheds watercolor 13"x19"


L.F. Lyman 1969 The Woods watercolor 10.5"x14.5"


Matthew Mack n.d. The Homestead around 1884 watercolor 14"x20"

Jack Lewis 1975 Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia watercolor 23"x17"


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