Our Mission

The Rehoboth Art League, with the people of Delaware and its visitors, encourages artists and arts education, and sponsors exhibits and programs that reflect the diversity of the community in an historic setting and in partnership with other organizations.


Our Vision

We are a beacon of creative inspiration where art comes to life.

Our Values

• Integrity & Respect in our relationships

• Connecting and Collaborating

• Preservation of Artistic Heritage (in people and in art)

• Support for Artists

• Leadership and Pursuit of Excellence

• Art Accessible to all

Strategic Goals:

Goal 1: To be a leading center in the region for artistic discourse where artists, art enthusiasts, and youth have meaningful art and cultural learning encounters that inspire, stretch the imagination, and expand their understanding of art and its role in their lives

Goal 2: To make certain our art education and exhibition programs are accessible to all

Goal 3: To support and develop artists and the artistic profession

Goal 4: To ensure the organization remains healthy and vibrant to support the mission