Entrance to the Chambers and Pottery Studios


The RAL Open Studios are available to all current RAL Members.  In addition, the Photo Printing Studio is is available to members of the Coastal Camera Club.

Please know that there is no instruction provided. Artists work independently on individual work and must bring their own supplies. The RAL has tables, easels, stools, etc.

Open Print Studio

Join us at our new Photo Printing Studio in the RAL gallery building! RAL supplys the space and equipment; the Coastal Camera Club provides the printing expertise, and trained monitors staff the studio during the hours it is open. Read more here.

Pottery Studio

RAL members can come to our “Open Studio” at the Pottery Studio and School in the Chambers building to exercise their creativity in clay.


Open Studio takes place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday during the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. There is a charge of $2.00 per hour up to $10 per day to participate. Clay is available for purchase. Each bag purchased includes glazing and firing.

View Pottery Studio Calendar

Clay Connection

The Clay Connection is a program designed to share the techniques and experiences of well known potters with the community.

A new format for these sessions is under development and expected to be implemented early October. Please check back. 

If you know of anyone who would like to be placed on the email list, please forward their address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As always, if you would like to remove your address from the list, please let us know.

Howard Schroeder Sketch Group
The Howard Schroeder Sketch group is open to all interested artists and meets from 7:00 – 9:30 pm on THURSDAYS.

There is a fee of $8 per session. Live models are provided, and the group is always interested in hiring new models. (models are paid.)

The Sketch Group is currently meeting in the Chambers Studio at our Henlopen Acres campus.

Call 227-8408 for information. If you are interested in modeling, please contact Paula Holloway This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Rehoboth Art League Writers Group

The Writer’s Group meets every Wednesday, 10:30-12:30 pm, throughout the year in the Homestead, except for holidays and special events.

The purpose of the Writers Group is to provide a critique venue for active writers by active writers from the area. It is open to the public, and steady attendance is encouraged but not required.

About 15 authors currently “belong” to the group with attendance varying from 3 to 8 writers on any given day. The group focuses on creative writing, including poetry, novel, short story, memoir, and an occasional play. Authors bring 6 to 8 copies (novels and short stories are generally limited to a few pages per session) of their work so that others who are attending may read their work and offer their best suggestions to improve the work at hand. After the critique discussion is concluded, authors are invited to ask questions of the discussion or to ask questions about their work that was not discussed.

The session is not intended for authors to defend their work, but to receive the best help they can get from their peers to make their work better. Although the group has several authors who publish regularly and have won prizes, the skill and experience level varies widely. All are welcome!


Free Write Group

The RAL and the Rehoboth Beach Writer’s Guild join together the 4th Thursday of each month from 4:30 to 6:00 pm for a new twist on the RBWG Free Write.

Each month we feature two artists and their artwork. Each artist brings 2-4 pieces of artwork and presents them to the group to inspire writing. The writer’s group composes short musings about each piece of artwork, which is then read aloud to the group. The artists have the opportunity to share information about themselves and their artwork during the evening. This is an exciting and fun way to hear how your art affects others, and what inspiration it creates in a writer.

We are always seeking artists to schedule. If you would like to participate as an artist iplease email or call Paula Holloway, Education Director, to hold your spot on the calendar. (302) 227-8408, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John Schisler and Gerry Gaskill inspire
with their artwork

Inspired by a painting Who Controls the Water?
or Rising Tide (a painting with two titles) by Faith Lord (below)

Perspectives remain unchanged
Through confused motives
Forgotten destinations

Water flows, ebbs, erodes, streams
Heat melts, melds, warms, burns
Horizons diminish, soften, forget

Pink, magenta, chartreuse
A perfect embrace
A welcome joining
Forbidden and foreboding landscapes

Escape with me through the colors,
the passions, the burning
The quiet
The waiting storm

- Steve Robison -


Inspired by a ceramic bottle by Susan Gladstone
and a painting, Party Hardy, by Faith Lord.

He rubbed the ceramic bottle, not expecting anything, yet hopeful.

Three colorful apparitions rose, swirled, expanded, from the small opening.

Enchantment, Beauty, and Legend had escaped their four-hundred-year imprisonment.

Sam took three steps back, then three more, as the three ancient beings took solid form. Legend spoke first, from his sullen face, obscured behind the wide brim of Enchantment, the de facto leader of the trio.

- Steve Robison -