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Corkran, Tubbs and Ventures Galleries (more)



Prints and Drawings by Oscar Gillespie
in the Homestead Gallery

July 18 - August 24


Corkran, Tubbs and Ventures Galleries

A favorite at the League, the Members Fine Art Exhibition will be held in the Corkran and Tubbs to showcase the work of over 120 of its members. Following a long standing Rehoboth Art League tradition, awards of excellence will be presented at the opening reception on Friday, July 18th at 5:00 PM.

Featured Artist

The League has selected John Schisler as the featured artist. Schisler won ‘Best in Show’ - the Sarah Ethel Tunnel Award at the 2013 Fine Art Exhibition with his painting “Lemon Appeal”.

About John Schisler

John began painting at the Conrad Miller Studio in Fells Point, Maryland at the age of 17. At the Conrad Miller Studio, Schisler studied the use of Maroger Mediums and the techniques of the Dutch Masters through the teaching of Nancy Lee Conrad and Melvin Miller who were both students of Jacques Maroger. He learned to make and use ‘black oil’, which is used as a basis for the mediums of such masters as Titian, Rubens, and Rembrandt. The advantage of this medium is the ability to obtain the qualities of color, shadow, and brilliance found only in their paintings. His style is classical realism. Keeping with the tradition of the old masters, he makes the black oil that is then used to make medium as well as oil paint by mixing with powdered pigments. He also makes his own mastic varnish. In early 2011, John began to pursue a full time career in art. Along with painting, he also teaches his traditional painting techniques at his home studio in Georgetown, Delaware.

Group Support, Oil on Canvas, John Schisler

Dinner for Two, Oil on Canvas, John Schisler


Judge for the Fine Art Exhibition 

Carl Goldhagen.

Godlhagen is an artist living and working in New York City and Girdletree on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He has exhibited both his painting and photography in NYC and Berlin Germany, and in cities across the United States including Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Santa Fe and locally at Salisbury University and the AI&G in Salisbury. He holds a position in the Salisbury University Art Department as a Lecturer in drawing, photography and painting.

His recent work can be seen on Facebook and on his website at

The Members Fine Art Exhibition will run through August 24th.



Flying In & Out of Margins: Prints and Drawings by Oscar Gillespie in the Homestead

Gillespie's Observations

Over a period of nearly forty years I have collected fragments of b imagery.  Some are drawn in the pages of my sketchbooks, others are held in clippings and scraps from unfinished works.  And, now there are even some intrinsic bits and collected pieces of things that I have deposited in digital files.  Each of these fragments contains clues to feelings, ideas and moments in time.  They are like bits of marginalia, written on the pages of life.  Many are so familiar to me that I can retrieve them in my mind’s eye, and this often occurs spontaneously while creating.

Marginalia is a general term for notes, scribbles, doodles and editorial comments made in the margin of a book.  I have a long-standing fascination with such notes and illustrations in the margins of manuscripts, musical scores, drafts of prose and poetry, and works of art.  Genius and human limitation may be found in these margins, sometimes in coexistence.  The appeal is such that it has become central to my current imagination where my work is concerned.

When viewing my work, I would hope that there is a sense that I have been working on the edges of my consciousness, finding things that exist in secret and silence until I allow them to be expressed.  The image fragments I have collected over time have been viewed again and again to the point of being imprinted on my unconscious. Within the process of making pictures I allow clues, hints, memories, and recognitions to bubble to the surface, combining lines and shapes and imagery into a new context, a new objet d’arte.