a storied past, a promising future.

students, instructors, artists, patrons.

art lovers, art practitioners, art supporters.

historic grounds, community presence.

gathering spaces, peaceful retreat.

exploration, preservation,

discovery, creativity.


What is the Rehoboth Art League?

Seventy years ago, Louise C. Corkran founded the Rehoboth Art League: a place to bring people together to inspire, encourage, and sustain the spirit of art in the community. Today, the Art League is a center for exhibits of invited artists, as well as lectures, classes for all ages, and the enjoyment of the outstanding works in the Permanent Collection. It is, in short, a place to encourage interest and participation in the arts. The Art League is a non-profit (501©(3)) organization supported by membership dues, contributions, grants, fundraising events, and testamentary gifts. Membership stands at over 1,200 members and continues to grow.

What art treasures are part of the Art League's History?

A core focus of the Art League is to encourage works by today's artists while preserving and conserving cherished historic works. The Art League's constantly growing collection features pieces by contemporary artists as well as some of Delaware's finest artists of yesteryear, including Howard Pyle, Ethel P.B. Leach and Howard Schroeder. The more than 400 paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and other works of the Permanent Collection reflect changes in the creation and appreciation of art in Sussex County. The Collection's breadth serves as a magnet for other artists and continues to grow in size and scope.

Where can I view the Permanent Collection?

Pieces from the Collection are on view on a revolving basis in the Homestead, a historic house. They can also be seen during an annual exhibit. Pieces from the Collection not on display or exhibition are available for scholarly research by appointment. Currently, there is a pressing need for the renovation of some on-site facilities to allow for the proper storage, preservation and exhibition of these important works of art.

What classes are offered?

Many classes are offered, including watercolor, pottery, jewelry, pastels, calligraphy, drawing and sculpture, to name a few. On-campus classes are held year-round for children and adults, from beginning to advanced levels. They are taught by local guest artists as well as nationally recognized artists such as Larry Horowitz and Walt Bartman. The League also offers activities such as lectures, workshops and cultural events to promote interest in the arts.

Are all classes on the campus of the Art League?

The Art League supports a variety of off-campus programs in libraries, schools and community centers throughout Sussex County, including a library/pre-school program. Through programs in the public schools, we supplement art teachers' supplies to help ensure that talented students from the County have a chance to apply to outstanding arts programs at the college level. The Art League is proud to partner with several community organizations, including First State Community Action Agency to provide certified art teachers and art supplies for summer camps at 10 sites in Sussex County.

What exhibits and events does the Art League offer?

We hold numerous events and exhibits throughout the year. The Outdoor Fine Art and Craft Exhibit, offering the works of more than 100 artists and craftspeople for sale, is an annual August event. The July Rehoboth Beach Cottage Tour, featuring unique homes and gardens, is also held annually. April brings Young at Art, with a juried exhibit of Sussex County children's art in various on-campus galleries. In addition, there are six major artists' exhibitions each year at the Art League.

What is on the Art League campus?

Founded in 1938, the Art League is located on an historic three-acre campus in Henlopen Acres, featuring the Homestead, an 18th Century farmhouse registered on the National Historic Trust. The League began as an art colony predating the actual founding of Henlopen Acres. Also on the campus is the historic 18th century Paynter house as well as the Corkran Tubbs Gallery, where the works of members and visiting artists are exhibited. The Chambers building houses pottery and painting studios, and the Children's Studio is used for many programs for young people. The campus is also enhanced through the beauty of its outstanding garden, a source of pleasure for its many visitors. To remain faithful to the legacy of Louise C. Corkran, it is important that the Art League carefully maintain these buildings which are in need of constant upkeep and upgrading.