May 1 - June 11
Homestead Gallery


Monday, May 12
5 - 7 pm


Exhibition Program

Getting in the Mood with
Light and Shadows

A Juried Members’ Showcase

Laura Hickman 2016 Morning Light Pastel 23" x 23"


Just as the amount and quality of lighting influence the way people feel in real life, artists can adjust the mood in their works by playing with light and shadows. In this exhibition, member artists were asked to explore this interplay between light and shadow, either dramatic or subtle, to create and intensify the overall mood of their work. There were over 90 works of art submitted for review.

Participating Artists

 Jean Bowers - Karen Carpenter - Jan Crooker Susan Frey - Rae Hamilton - Neil Harpe - Brook Hedge 
Laura Hickman - Caroline Huff - Maureen Dyer Ickrath - Joseph Kelly - John McClenahen - Marybeth Paterson 
Nancy Powell - Stone Stafford - Peter Treiber - Maureen Wheatley - Mick Williams

Exhibition Jurors

Constance Costigan - Lee Wayne Mills - George Thompson 

Selected Artwork

Jan Crooker 2016 Junction Breakwater Trail acrylic 24" x 36"

Caroline Huff 2016 Burano acrylic 36" x 30"

Nancy Powell 2016 Canyon Sunrise archival digital print 14" x 22"


John McClenahen 2017 Bench in Dunes Archival Digital Print 10" x 8"

Joseph Kelly 2015 Blue Nose at Dock oil 24" x 18"

Mick Williams 2016 Just Beyond the Pickets watercolor 15" x 22"


Neil Harpe 2015 Moonlight Nocturne acrylic 16" x 11"

Karen Carpenter 2017 First Light on the Canyon Floor Acrylic 16" x 12"

Jean Bowers 2016 Two Roads Diverge oil 16"x 12"

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