Alison Jefferies

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Alison Jefferies discovered her passion for personalized accessories in late 2011 when she was planning her own wedding and was dissatisfied with the jewelry offerings she found at bridal shops. She opted to make a set of matching jewelry for her own bridesmaids instead, and just a few short months later opened an online shop for her creations. Jefferies is a self-taught jewelry designer and artisan. She founded J’Adorn Designs in early 2012 and has been refining her craft ever since. She is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the individual love stories of the people she has the honor of working with. She strives to honor these love stories with excellent craftsmanship as exquisite as the love they reflect and prides herself on the meticulous attention to detail, high quality, and intuitive customer service for which her work has become known.


The work represented here is available for purchase by contacting Lynnette Newberry.  Please specify the artist and piece by name. Purchases made online through November 6 (by 4pm) will be available for pick up at the on campus Holiday Fair event, which will be held November 7 & 8 from 10am-4pm.  


Item B1
Amethyst Vine Bracelet with Black Spinel and Freshwater Pearls in Sterling Silver
One continuous piece of sterling silver wire forms the body of this delicate gemstone vine, adorned with amethyst teardrops, faceted black spinel, and grey freshwater pearls. The bracelet is finished by a small length of silver chain on both ends with a small clasp. Length: 7.5″ (custom sizing available)


Watermelon Tourmaline Vine Bracelet in 14k Gold
One continuous piece of 14k gold wire forms the body of this delicate gemstone vine, adorned with colorful watermelon tourmaline gemstone teardrops and blush Swarovski crystals. The bracelet is finished by a small length of gold chain on both ends with a small clasp. Length: 7.5″ (custom sizing available) 

Item E1
Herkimer Diamond Branch Earrings in Sterling Silver
Two hand-formed silver wire vines descend with faceted Herkimer diamond (crystal quartz) gemstones on their branches. Sterling silver lever back ear wires make these earrings comfortable to wear as long as you please. Length: 2.6″ 

Item E2
Hammered Silver Stud Earrings
One pair of tiny sterling silver stud earrings with a hammered texture. Size: 6.5mm

Item E3
Gold Hoop Earrings with Citrine Teardrops
One pair of gold filled hoop earrings adorned with a rough textured citrine teardrop. Length: 1.75″


Item E4
Tiny Twig Earrings in 14k Gold with Aquamarine and Labradorite
One tiny pair of 14k gold wire-wrapped branch earrings adorned with small labradorite beads and finished with a single aquamarine teardrop. Length: 1″

Item E5
Beaded Silver Hoop Earrings with Labradorite & Black Spinel
One pair of sterling silver hoops adorned with 10 tiny faceted black spinel beads and one iridescent labradorite drop, completed with a lever back style ear wire for secure & comfortable wear. Length: 1.75″   $165

Item E6
Black Druzy Stud Earrings
in Gold
One sparkly pair of stud earrings featuring a black druzy gemstone in a bezel setting. 14k gold-filled metals. Size: 10mm

Item E7
Champagne Druzy Drop Earrings in Rose Gold
One pair of rose gold filled drop earrings featuring a wire-wrapped 10mm champagne colored druzy gemstone, completed with a lever back style ear wire for secure & comfortable wear. Length: 1.25″

Item E8
Aqua Druzy & Amazonite Teardrop Earrings in Gold
These earrings feature a dark blue druzy & aqua blue amazonite gemstone nugget wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire, hung on  matching lever back ear wires. Length: 2.25″

Item H1
Amethyst Garden Hair Comb
This beautiful hair comb features wire-wrapped “sprigs” made with genuine faceted amethyst and crystal quartz gemstones with freshwater pearls and green Swarovski crystals. 
Size: 2.5″ high; 4″ wide

Item H2
Silver Pearls Convertible Hair Vine or Choker Necklace
This piece can be worn as either a hair accessory or choker necklace. A wire wrapped vine made with one continuous piece of silver-plated wire and freshwater pearls in shades of grey, purple, and peach. To wear as a necklace, tie the chiffon ribbons on either end of the vine, or remove the ribbons and style it with bobby pins in your hair! Length: 11.5 ”       (excluding ribbons)

Item N1
New Leaf Gemstone Branch Necklace
One pendant necklace made with a gold-filled wire-wrapped vine pendant with faceted tourmalines, emeralds, and tiny grey freshwater pearls on a delicate gold chain. Length: 18″      (2.5″ pendant)

Item N2
White Druzy & Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace
A white druzy and a rose quartz are wire-wrapped together with gold wire and hang as a pendant from a delicate gold chain. Length: 16″ (1.5″  pendant)

Item N3
Coin Pearl Pendant Necklace
in Gold
A single freshwater coin pearl sits as the pendant on a delicate chain. Length: 16″

Item N4
Teal Druzy Necklace in Gold
This necklace features a 12mm teal druzy gemstone wrapped in 14k gold filled wire, hung on a matching chain. Length: 16″

Textured Facets Silver Ring
This textured silver ring was made with the lost wax method of casting, where a jewelry piece is carved first in wax and then used to create a mold for pouring molten metal. Size: 10 

Item S1
Rainbow Beryl & Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Set
(Necklace & Bracelet)
 The necklace and bracelet in this jewelry set are both made with luminous white freshwater pearls and rainbow beryl beads, strung on silk thread and finished with a gold-filled clasps. (Beryl is the mineral form of some more well-known gemstones, such as emerald, aquamarine, and ruby.) Necklace size: 16″. Bracelet size: 8.25″ (custom sizing available)
$400 set
(Necklace alone: $220;
Bracelet alone: $195)

Item S2
Rainbow Gemstone Branch Earrings & Necklace Set
The necklace and earrings in this set both feature light wire-wrapped wire vines with rough rainbow tourmaline gemstones. The necklace has an additional rough citrine teardrop at the bottom of its vine and a small section of tiny tourmaline beads on one side of the delicate gold-filled chain as an accent at the collarbone. Necklace length: 33″ (2.5″ pendant). Earrings length: 2.5″
$465 set
(Necklace alone: $225;
Earrings alone: $255)