Barbara Land

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Barbara Land is a full-time Delaware educator who strives to squeeze full-time silversmithing into her life. Her passion for metalsmithing was ignited with studio work at Sundance and continues with ongoing classes at the Delaware Art Museum. Travel and outdoor experiences with her family and friends serve as the inspiration for her work. ‘bsl silver & stone’ is her design line through which she creates talismans to connect with one’s soul. 

The work represented here is available for purchase by contacting Lynnette Newberry. Please specify the artist and piece by name. Purchases made online through November 6 (by 4pm) will be available for pick up at the on campus Holiday Fair event, which will be held November 7 & 8 from 10am-4pm.  


Item 1
Blue English

Sea glass bezel set in sterling with heavy silver links and a lobster claw swivel clasp. A stamped copper flower is soldered onto the reverse.
Length is 7.5″ 

Item 2
Mystical Labradorite
Bezel set in sterling with textured silver links and a lobster claw swivel clasp. Length is 7.5″

Item 3
Desert Flower Quartz and Turquoise

The stamped sterling is finished with copper rivets and a textured sterling link chain. Length is 19.5″

Item 4
Natural Seafoam English
Sea Glass
Accented by a hand stamped dolphin and soldered silver jump rings. The piece is finished with an adjustable leather cord and silver clasp

Item 5
Crazy Lace Agate
The frame is hand stamped to reflect a mountain radiating sun. A copper compass embellishes the reverse. Pendant is 1-1/2″ x 1-3/8″
and chain is 20″

Item 6
Southwestern in Nature
Turquoise and Rosarita complement each other with hand stamped and hand forged embellishments. The piece hangs from a silver 22″ ball chain with short and long links

Item 7
Seafoam English

Sea glass is framed by sterling silver and finished with a heavy gauge silver cable chain. The clasp is a hand formed and stamped toggle. A copper wave is soldered to the reverse as a reminder of its origin. Length is 7.5″

Item 8
Blue English
Sea glass set with a textured bezel and ring shank. Ring size is approximately an 8. The ring is bold, with heavy gauge silver, but is comfortable for every day wear

Item 9
Rare Yellow Heart

Sea glass is bezel set onto a hand stamped silver disc with the word ‘love.’ On the reverse is a stamped compass and copper heart to remind us to always follow our heart. Sterling silver links and a swivel lobster claw clasp finish the piece. Length is 7-3/8″

Item 10
Surfite Stone
Bezel set and accented by a silver wave on the front and a hibiscus on the reverse. The ‘surfboard’ hangs from a 30″ silver ball chain

Item 11
Stone on Stone
Turquoise is set in a hand picked Maine beach stone. A silver rivet is hammered into the stone and the textured jumping is soldered
and accommodates an
adjustable leather cord

Item 12
Mystical Labradorite

Set simply in sterling silver. A sterling bale is soldered onto the reverse and the sterling chain is 20″ long

Item 13
Turquoise set in Silver
Slider bale on the reverse. The piece is placed onto a plum leather strap with a nickel button closure. Strap measures 7-1/4″ long

Item 14
Mountain Scene
Hand stamped onto a thick ID plate on one side and a copper hand stamped plate is soldered onto the reverse. The piece is completed with a silver oval rolo chain and stainless steel. Shrimp clasp for strength
Length is 7.5″

Item 15
Silver Disc and Simulated
Star Sapphire

Completed with a copper directional ring. Three soldered jump rings serve as a bale for the 20″ silver ball chain

Item 16
Silver Sheet and Wire Bracelet

A beautiful blue Chalcedony stone is bezel set at the center and a swivel lobster claw clasp finishes the piece. Length is 7 1/4″

Item 17
Lewes Life Necklace

Includes three beach friends, a dolphin, a crab, and a fish soldered to one side. On the reverse are the letters ‘LEWES,’ stamped and soldered. Textured silver chain with a marine link clasp finishes the necklace. Length is 18″

Item 18
Balance Wheel Necklace
Sterling silver and copper with a smoky quartz accent. This textured and unique piece is 1 3/8″ in
diameter and hangs
from adjustable leather lacing

Item 19
Kingman Turquoise
Set in a unique hand cut bezel. On the reverse is a disc with a stamped mountain to remind us of our earth’s beauty. The included chain is sterling and is 20″ long


Item 20
Purple Dichroic Glass Earrings

Surrounded in hand textured sterling silver. Sterling ball wires allow for movement and sparkle. The diameter of each disc is 3/4″