Jacqui Chmiel

Virtual Booth

Making lampwork beads is Jacqui Chmiel’s key to a secret garden. Transforming rods of glass into beautiful beads is magical to her. Over the last eight years, this magical process transformed Jacqui from a hobbyist to an artist. A nurse by trade, making beads, fills the artist with a sense of accomplishment and inspiration and has given her the vehicle to transform her inner thoughts into outer beauty. Although Jacqui works consciously employing lampwork beading techniques, her unconscious mind is the manager of her creativity. Unless she has a pattern in mind, many times she won’t know how the bead will look when completed. It takes a very steady hand and an eye for creativity that make these beads so beautiful. As Jacqui sells her beads she is in awe how much people admire her works of art which are used to make unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and decorative utensils.

The work represented here is available for purchase by contacting Lynnette Newberry.  Please specify the artist and piece by name. Purchases made online through November 6 (by 4pm) will be available for pick up at the on campus Holiday Fair event, which will be held November 7 & 8 from 10am-4pm.  

Item 1
Hollow Bead Necklace
Clear glass hollow beads with multicolor dots, 30 inches


Item 2
Irregular Shaped Bead Necklace
Moccasin colored, irregular glass beads with Raku and turquoise spacers, 35 inches

Item 3
Multicolor Barrel Bead Necklace
Multicolored, goes-with-anything glass beads decorated with Raku and copper spacers, 22 inches

Item 4
Hollow Bead Necklace

Shades of black, grey, ivory and topaz make up this 6 hollow bead beauty with matching spacers, 22 inches

Item 5
Hollow Bead Necklace

This ivory and black hollow bead beauty is a go-to necklace for lovers of black, 24 inches


Item 6
Glass Flowers and Leaves
Blue and white glass flowers, green leaves and clear trumpets adorn this work of art, 24 inches

Item 7
Glass Flowers and Leaves
Blue and orange flowers, green leaves and clear trumpet beads with seed bead chain, 24 inches

Item 8
Glass Multicolor Barrel  Beads
Clear glass rippled multicolor beads, unevenly spaced with multicolor seed beads, 38 inches

Item 9
Yellow Glass Bead Bracelet
Yellow glass beads with Raku frit and sea green spacers stretch bracelet.

Item 10
Lentil Glass Bead Bracelet
Sky blue and ebony and ivory glass lentil bead stretch bracelet with ocean wave design and sea shells

Item 11
Round Black, Multicolor Glass Bead Bracelet
Black beaded stretch bracelet with multicolor designs and spacers

Item 12
Multi Shaped Glass Bead Bracelet
Black, ivory and eucalyptus colored glass and multi shaped beaded stretch bracelet

Item 13
Cone Shaped Glass Earrings
Black, ivory and sky blue earring with Raku, sterling silver wires and ivory seed beads

Item 14
Multi shaped Glass Earrings
Orange, yellow and turquoise multi shaped beads with raised dots

Item 15
Hollow Multicolor Chandelier Earrings

Clear hollow multicolor brads with clear seed beads, sterling silver ear wires

Item 16
Cone Shaped Multicolor Earrings

Purple, pink and ivory cone shaped earrings with Raku frit, sterling silver ear wires

Item 17
Cone Shaped Multicolor Earrings

Ivory, orange and green cone shaped earrings with Raku frit, sterling silver ear wires

Item 18
Cone Shaped Multicolor Earrings
Black and ivory earrings with Raku frit, sterling silver ear wires

Item 19
Glass Beaded Letter Openers
Multicolored beautifully decorated stainless steel letter openers


Item 20
Glass Beaded Hors d’oeuvre Forks

Multicolored, frit covered stainless steel hors d’oeuvre forks