Phyllis Stawicki

Virtual Booth

Phyllis Stawicki creates handmade Santas just in time for the holiday season. Every part of each figure is made by hand, including the clothing. 

The work represented here is available for purchase by contacting Lynnette Newberry. Please specify the artist and piece by name. Purchases made online through November 6 (by 4pm) will be available for pick up at the on campus Holiday Fair event, which will be held November 7 & 8 from 10am-4pm.  


Item 1
Santa America
Stands 22″ tall with his wooden platform. Red coat is completely lined. He is holding a Boyd’s teddy bear. Also included is a sack of toys.


Item 2
Santa Gone Fishing
Stands 20″ high with wooden base. He has his fishing vest and hat. All of his fishing gear is included. Note the sculpted bare feet.

Item 3
Santa in White
Stands 24″ high with wooden base. He has a white velvet coat with a coat and trimmed with silver. His long dress is white silk trimmed in silver. Boots are a white crushed velvet. 

Item 4
Old Fashioned Santa
Old fashioned Santa dressed in a burgundy wool coat with a hood and fully lined. Note coat also has pockets. Also has a long white dress. He is carrying a black lantern.

Item 5
Santa in Gray
Stands 27″ high including wooden base. Santa has a gray velvet coat trimmed with silver. The coat is fully lined and has a hood. Pants are gray velvet. He has gray fur boots.
He is carrying a matching bag, trimmed with silver. 


Item 6
Santa in Red Velvet
Stands 28″ high including wooden base. Santa is wearing a red velvet coat trimmed in gold. Coat is fully lined. Also has a matching red velvet bag with same gold trim. He is wearing gold long dress.
Boots are also gold. 

Item 7
Santa in Brown Fur

Stands 23″ high including wooden base. Wearing a beige coat with brown fur trim and is fully lined. His boots are a matching fur. His suspenders and trim on coat match. He is carrying a basket of bread and apples.

Item 8
Santa with Toys
Stands 23″ high including wooden base. Santa has beige wool coat with a hood. Coat is completely lined. He has light brown pants with suspenders. He is carrying a bag with old fashioned wooden toys.

Item 9
Santa playing violin
He is 23″ high with wooden base. His coat is a green tweed with a hood and lined. Pants are a green suede with suspenders. He has a shoulder bag carrying loaf of bread and apples.

Item 10
Country Santa
This Santa in a cowboy hat is a lit’l bit of country. He is 16″ high sitting in rocking chair, playing a guitar.
He is wearing cowboy hat
and cowboy boots.

Item 11
Woodland Santa
Stands 22″ high including wooden base. Coat is brown and fully lined. He is wearing fur boots that matches fur on the coat. He is carrying a basket of fruit and has a back pack filled with toys.
$ 195

Item 12
Time for Tea
Mr. and Mrs Santa having tea with a Lenox tea set . They are seated at a Queen Ann  table and chairs doll set.
Santa is wearing a vest with
pocket watch attached.
Mrs. Santa has high top boots.
She is wearing a cameo necklace.
They are about 16″ high seated. 
Set is $395