Journey Clay Collective

September 6, 2019 - October 13, 2019

Corkran Gallery

The Journey Clay Collective began in 2013 when a diverse group of people from Canada, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey came together at the Saratoga Clay Art Center to participate in Steven Hill’s Journey Workshop.  The yearlong course began with six days of discussions, exercises and hands-on work, during which the group somehow magically bonded together to support each other in their common quest to become better artists and, in many ways, better people.  During the ensuing year they learned how to see (and listen) without judging, how to critique without tearing down, and how to care about each other.  Since completing the workshop in June 2014, the group has continued to meet on a regular basis to discuss new work, bolster each other’s creative aspirations, and share food, laughter and tears.  They have found strength through diversity, kinship through inclusion, and acceptance through mutual respect. 

The diverse and experimental work in this show is the culmination of each artist’s creative journey over the past five years. They each have a distinctive artistic vision, ranging from functional to sculptural, narrative to abstract, lyrical to playful.  Their work is testimony to what can be accomplished beyond traditional educational institutions through the support and constancy of a collective founded in mutual trust and acceptance.



Image: “Green Horsehair Vase” pottery by Roz Weinberger