Going Deeper: Finding the Inspiration from Within

Works by Karen Burns

September 6, 2019 - October 13, 2019

Ventures Gallery

Artist Statement

The process of creation fascinates me.  How we move from thought, to word, to action intrigues me, especially as it relates to creating art.  As a painter this process connects from brain to hand and flows smoothly onto the paper or canvas.  Using digital technology has given me the opportunity to experiment without fear of damaging what has already been created, and the overall process is different. I look at is as moving from expressing EMOTION on paper, to finding MAGIC within the ipad, and finally creating DRAMA in photoshop. As I continue to learn and play with this new medium, I hope to create a more intuitive process that I can share with others.


Karen Burns is a Digital Artist utilizing all forms of mixed media to create layered digital images that she prints onto canvas or paper. Her work has been published in online magazines and she has displayed her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions and galleries in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina.  Ms. Burns is constantly exploring new avenues of inspiration to push the boundaries of her artistic vision. Each creation comes from an inner sense that someone, somewhere, will find something that they need in her work, therefore you will see several different styles represented. She lives in Delaware with her husband and two dogs.

Image: “Holy Night” digital print on canvas by Karen Burns.