Preservation Matters

Selected works from RAL's Permanent Collection

May 10, 2019 - June 9, 2019

Marcia and Henry DeWitt Gallery

Ventures Gallery

For decades works from RAL’s Permanent Collection were housed in less than adequate conditions and many have suffered extensive damage. RAL’s new Permanent Collection storage facility, kept at museum standard temperature and humidity conditions, will serve to ensure each work’s long term survival.

Patrons are encouraged during this special showcase to ‘adopt’ a work of art and cover the costs of its conservation treatment. As a thank you, each patron who ‘adopts’ a work will receive a giclee print of the work following its treatment as well as receive special recognition in a future exhibition of newly treated works. Both restored works and works in desperate need of repair will be on display.





Image: Example of a restored painting, “Easter Flowers,” oil on canvas, by Ethel P.B. Leach