Recent Acquisitions

From the Permanent Collection

July 17, 2020 - August 23, 2020


The Rehoboth Art League is one of only a few actively collecting art institutions in Delaware.  The permanent collection contains over 900 items, which include approximately 600 works of art in various media; colonial furniture; artifacts and decorative art collected by the Corkran’s when they resided in the Homestead, as well as an array of RAL’s organizational archives.  The collection maintains a focus on mid-20th century works of art created by notable artists such as Ethel P.B. Leach, William Leach, Orville Peets, Jack Lewis, Howard Pyle, Edward Grant and Howard Schroeder, to name a few.

The Rehoboth Art League continually acquires new works by gift or estate legacies. We are pleased to showcase the latest additions accepted into this important collection.

Image: “Along the Lewes Canal,” watercolor by Jon Smith