Past Exhibitions

Member Artist of the Month

Steve Rogers

The Rehoboth Art League is pleased to announce Steve Rogers, as our featured artist for the month of February through March, 2023.

“Even at my age , I have a child’s sense of wonder when I’m in the field and see a derelict old shipwreck. I want to share it. So I will paint it. My primary area of interest has always been boats,
ships and the marine environment. I have consistently been fascinated by the ocean and I am drawn to harbors and marshes in equal measure. My work reflects my admiration and respect for those that make their living on the water. So much of our maritime heritage is slowly fading away under the irresistible and relentless pressure of development. Often the places portrayed in my art no longer exist. My photos are the only proof that they did. The old waterfront has been replaced by new and the boatyard has become a housing development. My canvases are a window into that previous world for those that have forgotten and those who never knew. I don’t consciously try to impart feeling in my work, it simply happens because I feel deeply about these subjects
My work begins with trips into the field. I use a camera to record what I see and to help me remember. Then I arrange a whole series of photos above my canvas and work from them to develop my composition. My art is representational. As I create the sketch that will be the basis of my painting, I move things and eliminate distractions to make a better composition and to more clearly create the feeling I had. After I seal the drawing, I tone the canvas with raw umber or burnt sienna. I work with acrylics mostly with a limited palette. My canvas is linen on panel , most of which I make myself. I like the look and feel of the texture of canvas but I prefer a firm surface. From there I literally build the painting layer by layer using transparent glazes and under painting to create the depth and brilliance that characterizes my work.” -Steve Rogers

The works represented here are available for purchase by contacting Nick Serratore, Exhibitions Director