The Old and the New: A Retrospective

Works by Aina Nergaard-Nammack

April 2, 2021 - May 2, 2021

Corkran Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, April 2, 2021 (5-7pm)

Artist Statement

“For each force there is a reciprocal force, and for me, this means that one part of a painting triggers an idea for the rest of the painting. I have a primary image in my mind which develops into the rest of the picture field. I have to work actively on the field and move the brush according to what I feel, imagining forms and colors that will be in equilibrium on the canvas.  I consider myself a colorist working with abstract forms, both on my representational and nonrepresentational work. The important thing for me is to arrange these forms in the pictorial field to achieve a balanced composition. I always think of the whole and not the parts. I balance all relationships as they are developed and intuitively search for a complete image. My forms will flow as part of a rhythmical interplay. The result is a vibrant, balanced composition. My art is doing. When I first began painting, my work was representational, including landscapes, white stucco buildings with red tile roofs, and human figures. Gradually, I moved toward nonrepresentational works. And more recently, I am returning to semi-representational work inspired from memories of my youth.”


The year 2020 marks Aina’s 90th birthday and this retrospective will reflect a large collection of work, painted during different periods of her life, spanning decades. During that time, her style has fluctuated between representational and nonrepresentational. This exhibit illustrates her different approaches over the years and will include her first painting, a still life, painted at the age of twelve. This exhibition will also include abstracts using acrylic gesso to achieve different textures; monochrome paintings of figures on a background of a complementary color; elongated figures created by pouring acrylic paint and using different tools to direct and mix the colors on a board; vivid patterns with large brush strokes inspired by classical music pieces; and more recent semi-representational works on smaller canvases.

Image: #1043 “Division” diptych, acrylic on canvas by Aina Nergaard-Nammack