Six Eyes: Common Vision

Photography by Kathryn Harris, Brook Hedge, Susan Kricker

September 30, 2022 - October 30, 2022

Tubbs Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, September 30, 2022 (5pm to 7pm).

Kathryn Harris, Suzanne Kricker and Brook Hedge embarked on a photographic journey over four years ago. Under the name of HKH Photography, they opened a portrait studio where they cajoled friends into modeling. Each took turns shooting in the 10’ by 12’ space with the same backdrop and studio lighting.  Despite these limitations, it became clear that each had a different eye or vision such that the results were quite different. It was a fascinating process.

 After closing the studio just before Covid, each cast their eyes on what could be shot within the limitations imposed by the lockdown. The six eyes cast explored inner feelings, beauty, light and textures that presented itself during what were dark times. Meeting weekly by zoom, they shared the visual explorations on which they were embarking and sometimes, shot outdoors together socially distanced.

This show is a product of the unique times brought on by the circumstances which led our six eyes to seek new meaning.


Top Image, Suzanne Kricker; Middle Image, Brook Hedge; Bottom Image, Kathryn Harris.