Upcoming Exhibitions

Liminal Space

Work by Jinchul Kim

September 27, 2024 – October 27, 2024

Corkran Gallery

I am interested in blurring the boundaries between things that we have concluded in predated aesthetics. I am very interested in constructing newer languages that can embrace/unite these preconceived definitions with innovative constructs. For this mission, I attentively engage my picture-making process through inventive personal semiotics. These semiotic connotations are melted into my work alongside the strong presence of formal strategies. I use the formal approach as a binder to build a robust architecture for the painting, whether the work is involved in abstract or representational environments. I hope to generate a dynamic for the viewer to participate in a game of reveal/conceal through newer compositions and contrasting the firm architecture of painting with the artifice of superficial beauty. Consequently, I often mingle around two-dimensional formats to kinetic structures and space to convey this creative freedom to merge these various presumptions around our lives. I often use figurative elements as vehicles to intensify the presence of common ground because we are all human at the end of the day.  

Image Credit: “Liminal Space” oil by Jinchul Kim.