Upcoming Exhibitions

Wildlife and Nature Art

Work by Steve Oliver

September 27, 2024 – October 27, 2024

Ventures Gallery

“My creating process typically requires a reasonable commitment of time and observation.  I prefer to understand and know something about the animals I choose to paint.  Every piece in this show can be accompanied by a short story about one of my experiences in the field and the inspiration that led to the painting.  In this work, I strive to make paintings that are interesting, accurate, colorful and most of all, distinctively mine.  When people look at my work, I hope it somehow encourages them to take a closer look and see the beauty of nature and wildlife as I do.  For me, the ability to draw and paint is an incredible gift that allows me to communicate with people through my art.  Wildlife Art gives me a way to express my fascination and appreciation for the natural world and then connect with people who enjoy those same amazing things.” 


Image Credit: “If Looks Could Kill,” oil by Steve Oliver