Getting in Touch with Your Painting Skills

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This is an opportunity to go beyond the mere application of paint on a canvas.  It is a class that addresses the beginner as well as the more seasoned painter.  This class is open to students working in acrylics and oils.  It will give you the tools you need to analyze and critique your artwork and the skills to take your painting to a new level. Each class begins with a specific topic which we will discuss.  Topics such as color theory, composition, the importance of values, drawing skills, and perspective.  We will also learn how to read a tube of paint, what kind of brushes you need, and what alternative substrates you can work on.  We will work from still life, photos or your imagination, in either an objective or non-objective style. Individual instruction will be given to each student to help develop a specific plan for growth. Come with your paints and canvas ready to paint. 

Supply List

Gamblin Paint, Utrecht, Windsor Newton or equivalent (37ml)- Do Not use student grade paint, you will only have to replace it as you get better. Since it will not mix well and lacks intensity you put yourself at a disadvantage from the start.

1. Cadmium Lemon Yellow
2. Cadmium Yellow Medium
3. Yellow ochre
4. Burnt sienna
5. Cadmium Red light
6. Alizarin Crimson
7. Ultramarine Blue
8. Phthalo Blue (green shade)
9. Cobalt Blue
10. Titanium White

Get a good or intermediate quality brush. Get both bristle brushes and soft synthetic or sable brushes. Look for quality brushes (suggested: Robert Simmons, Isabey, or Rosemary brushes are all good.) Synthetic sizes: Round 2; Filbert 8,10, bristle sizes: Bright 2,6, Filbert 4,8; Flat 4

palette knifes (try to get at least one that is a small triangle) 2 Palette cups or one small one for medium and a metal/ plastic or glass cup that seals to hold turpentine. An example of the later would be the stainless steel brush washer that Judsons Art makes…

Odorless turpenoid do not get the all-natural one. Refined linseed or walnut oil or any other medium

A color wheel

a palette (either wood or paper)

rags or paper towels

canvas or canvas panels, suggested sizes 8 x10, or 11 x 14 or 16 x 20

A view finder

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June 19 - July 24


6:00 - 9:00 p.m.


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