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A Journey in Landscapes: An Abstracted View

Works by Kate Meyer Fitzpatrick

November 8, 2024 – December 8, 2024

Ventures Gallery

“Each painting is a remembered moment, a glimpse of a feeling evoked by being in the landscape. I take a journey within my process and start to see abstracted shapes, shadows and objects in my surroundings. I stretch those observations to simple form as well as the colors seen and unseen. I want the viewer to take their own journey within the work. To feel something they can’t quite put their finger on. A sense beneath the calm. A sense of place. The wonderful thing about Abstraction is that it allows you to explore and express your feelings, giving you the opportunity to shape something out of nothing; you create atmosphere, mood , place, all out of a white canvas. These are exercises in experimentation , which prepare me for the moment of chance on canvas. I begin to see something in the image….the experience of the landscape. Abstraction , of course is never completely abstract ; there is the origin of an idea, an inspiration, a journey of process.  

I work primarily in oils & watercolor. In my oil paintings, I use both remade color and color I mix on my own using dry pigment. I also use pigment to enhance color and hue. In watercolor, I use both wet & dry brush techniques to create texture and depth of color. In all of my work, I start in plain air using watercolor. Then that will move into oils on small canvas for studies , before moving onto large canvases or multiple canvases for diptychs & triptychs.”

Image: “Coastline, No. 7″ watercolor, 8″ x 8,” 2023, by Kate Meyer Fitzpatrick

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